Quality Beef

Your choice.

Our obligation.

It's our obligation to help customers like you be successful — to produce the best cattle possible and to reap the benefits of quality. That's why we created Quality Beef, a unique, information-sharing community that helps our customers receive the value they deserve and the information they need to continuously get better.

The world wants


Market signals tell us there's a widening gap between good cattle and great cattle - between $200-$300 per head. However, it doesn't cost more or require additional resources to produce high-quality cattle. It's a choice. And the choices you make today about the genetics of your cow herd and how you'll manage and market them in the future will ultimately determine the success of your operation down the road.

Five steps to success


Step 1:
Meet with Square B to evaluate your cow herd, your farm or ranch and facilities to develop a marketing and breeding plan.
Step 2:
Use fixed, artificial insemination to proven, Square B Ranch sires.
Step 3:
Use EID tags on your calves to ensure individual-animal information can be maintained and shared across the system.
Step 4:
Partner with Square B to find a suitable option for retaining ownership of your calves through the feedlot.
Step 5:
Evaluate information to determine keep/cull decisions and which Square B A.I. sires to use in your next breeding season.

Producer Perspective

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