Is Everything.

Family is why we created Square B Ranch & Cattle Company in the first place.
It began with a handful of cows and a strong desire to raise our kids the right way, on a farm with crops and livestock.

Our Focus

Has Grown.

First-hand experience has shown us how challenging it will be without cattle that can do it all. So we've worked hard at producing cattle that balance fertility, good feet, legs and udders - traits necessary for longevity and productivity. We also want to balance these things with performance traits like gain and grade. So if a cow doesn't rebreed, she's gone. If she has bad feet or legs, we send her down the road. If the numbers show the performance or carcass quality isn't there, we get rid of her. That's the commitment we make to you.

Quality is the key

to our future.

Today, Square B's focus is on developing one of the nation's leading seedstock operations. We've invested in some of the top Angus genetics in the industry, and we've added a prepotent set of Angus sires to our bull battery. To bring all of this together, we recently purchased the Quality Beef by the Numbers program and rebranded it as Quality Beef, giving our customers an outstanding opportunity to collaborate with us in building excellence, quality and shared success.